We believe in the urgency for global decarbonization and the potential of the economy of green hydrogen and renewable energy to Brazil, including as a solution for the energy transition in Europe. We foster the union of efforts and odd investment opportunities on a global platform for content forums, networking and business acceleration to connect leaders, science and decision makers of energy production, consumption and logistics.

Since 2020, Germany and Brazil, through face -to -face and online forums with technology fairs and exhibitions, we have gathered more than 5,000 investors and market makers.

Our mission is to contribute more and more to the qualification of professionals and the catalyzing of business that strengthens organizations in Brazil, Latin America and Europe as potential leaders in the energy revolution.

Through connections between the largest and best researchers and the sharing of qualified content, we aim to help Brazil and Latin America accelerate technological expansion in the field of green hydrogen, pointing the way to scientific development, innovations and new commercial and industrial applications.

Nürnbergmesse, Hiria nürnberg Messe, Maritime Guide and Brazil-Germany Chamber of São Paulo (Ahk São Paulo) They added their expertise and reputations to organize one of the most important events about the new moment of energy transition and green hydrogen in Brazil, Latin America and Europe. From 2022, the Brazil-German Congress on Green Hydrogen, carried out by AHK São Paulo, became part of the platform programming Hydrogen Dialogue Latin America.

And yet, as logistics represents one of the enormous challenges in the transition, both in the transport of green energy to Europe and in the sustainability of the transport sector in all its modes, the platform has included Green Logistics Summit with the support of Stolthaven and Guia Maritimo.

Throughout this Journey you will have highly segmented and relevant content for the current scenario of the sector, presentations of the most important industries, projects of renowned companies and research institutions, and many business possibilities with the use of hydrogen.

Completing the experience, we included in the program the networking and exposure opportunity, boosting your network of contacts in a precise and profitable way.

São Paulo Expo

Endereço: Rodovia dos Imigrantes, 1,5 km – Vila Água Funda, São Paulo – SP, 04329-900

Believing in the successful expansion of the hydrogen economy, we have created a permanent international forum for the discussion of issues related to the transition from fossil energy to renewable energy, where we will bring together business, political and scientific decision makers along the entire value chain of the sector to present new technologies.  

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