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The Hydrogen Dialogue Latin America will happen in the days 18 e 19 de outubro de 2023 and will offer opportunities for your company to dialogue and expose solutions for the emerging green hydrogen market in Brazil and worldwide. 

We are the meeting point for generators, regulators, legislators and large energy consumers, in addition to national and international investors in renewable energy. Here, the latest technologies and applications on the energy transition are presented, and partnerships are formed that will lead Brazil and Latin America to accelerate technological expansion in the field of green hydrogen. 

The combination of an intense lecture schedule and a highly qualified audience offers you the unique opportunity to present solutions and discuss innovations live with the right people. 

 Join the community of green hydrogen industry leaders in Brazil! 

 From 2022, the CBAHV started to compose the Hydrogen Dialogue Latin America program, which together with NürnbergMesse, Hiria and Guia Marítimo, added expertise to integrate one of the most important events on the new moment of energy transition and green hydrogen in Brazil, Latin America and Europe. 

  • The best technologies and what discoveries will emerge for the production and cost reduction of H2 Verde and renewable energies. 
  • The degree of competitiveness of H2 Verde in relation to other technologies yet to be developed.  
  • Safer forms of storage and transport.  
  • Formatos para regulamentação, fomento e marcos regulatórios para segurança dos investidores.
  • Favorable and unfavorable forces in geopolitics. 
  • How to mitigate the risks in investing in this bet.  
  • Impact on industry, farming, mining, transport, civil construction and services.  
  • Impact on the regional and global economy.  
  • How will the sector and organizations involved with power generation be transformed? 
  • What criteria and parameters should large energy consumers use to make decisions in this new scenario? 
  • Education and innovation in the generation of new jobs. 
  • Governors, secretaries and other representatives of the federal, state and municipal public authorities involved in drafting laws, designing public policies and incentives, as well as regulating energy-related issues;  
  • Leaders of industries and sectors that are major consumers of energy and need to decarbonize their products and operations; 
  • Leaders of large conglomerates that produce equipment and technologies for the energy industry; 
  • Leaders of energy generators, transmission companies, distributors and traders; 
  • International governments and multilateral investment agencies; 
  • Foundations, research groups and academia; 
  • Logistics providers; 
  • University communities, consultancies, and energy-related research and development leaders; 
  • Leaders of the major port hubs and energy production in Brazil and the world;  
  • Ecosystem of innovation, services, materials and technologies in the energy sector; 
  • foundations, research groups and academia; Logistics providers; University communities, consultancies, and energy-related research and development leaders; Leaders of the major port hubs and energy production in Brazil and the world; 
  • Influenciadores e líderes empresariais nacionais. 

Reasons to be part of this journey

Represent your company and your projects in the sector and guarantee your market share in the hydrogen economy; 

National and international business and political delegations are waiting for your technologies and solutions for a successful hydrogen economy, in Brazil and worldwide.

Do business, meet decision makers, investors, technology developers and business partners from across the country;


Erika Coleta
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Believing in the successful expansion of the hydrogen economy, we have created a permanent international forum for the discussion of issues related to the transition from fossil energy to renewable energy, where we will bring together business, political and scientific decision makers along the entire value chain of the sector to present new technologies.  

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