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Revolutionize the technology of the future.

For countries like Brazil, with a large supply of sun and wind, the opportunity to become the world's leading supplier of H2V and its derivatives is historic. 

The advancement of research is in everyone's interest and, therefore, many joint actions will be taken in a new paradigm of universalization of studies, information and patents. However, a new framework of possible important changes, via the replacement of oil and coal by H2V and other fuels, will provoke new interests, geopolitical and economic changes and global security. 

The technology for obtaining and handling it is widely known. The most common and well-known is by separating the molecule through electrolysis. If produced from renewable energy, it becomes the most efficient fuel and Net Zero emitter for all uses, whether industrial, for generating electricity or fuel for vehicles and large modes of transport. 


What opportunities:

  • Invest in research into technologies that reduce the cost of obtaining green hydrogen.  
  • Investir em transformar o H2V em derivados líquidos para o fornecimento de energia, combustíveis para grandes modais, fertilizantes e produtos químicos verdes.  
  • Invest in more viable ways of storing and long-distance transport of H2 

Hence the decision of the main countries in the world to solve the challenges of using Green Hydrogen as the fuel of the future.  

The city of Nürnberg was chosen by Germany as a research center for the development of fuels from H2V. As partners, we were naturally involved in this debate, as Brazil has one of the greatest potential for generating solar and wind energy in the world and will play an important role in the development and production of Green Hydrogen.  

Accompanying the international effort of scientists, companies generating, distributing and consuming energy, regulatory agencies, economists and logistics specialists, we organized a Journey to present, debate, produce and share a set of relevant contents that influence and encourage the development of solutions , and the use, of green hydrogen in the Brazilian and international market. 

Main themes of the event

  • Everything you need to know about producing, transporting, storing and importing hydrogen. 
  • Visualize how you can be part of this new market that has a potential investment of USD 200 billion in Brazil over 20 years (McKinsey, 2021). 
  • Get to know a map of players in this sector and market in Brazil and understand who you need to connect with to establish long-term partnerships. 
  • The Brazilian government's vision and projects for building a green hydrogen sector – legal, institutional and regulatory frameworks. 
  • Financing and guarantees for long-term investments. 
  • Locations show their potential to become global hubs for the production and export of green hydrogen to Europe. 
  • Technological routes and solutions in Brazil for the production, transport, storage and export of green hydrogen. 
  • Innovations “Made in Brazil” and the construction of an ecosystem of startups and cooperation. 
  • Education and innovation in the generation of new jobs. 
  • Cooperation between Brazil and Germany. 
  • Discussão da Regulação e certificação, nacional e internacional

Believing in the successful expansion of the hydrogen economy, we have created a permanent international forum for the discussion of issues related to the transition from fossil energy to renewable energy, where we will bring together business, political and scientific decision makers along the entire value chain of the sector to present new technologies.  

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