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Here you will find all the complementary content produced by the curatorship of the organizing committee of Hydrogen Dialogue Latin America.  

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Webinar HDL | 27/06/23

Available materials:

São Paulo Expo

Endereço: Rodovia dos Imigrantes, 1,5 km – Vila Água Funda, São Paulo – SP, 04329-900

Believing in the successful expansion of the hydrogen economy, we have created a permanent international forum for the discussion of issues related to the transition from fossil energy to renewable energy, where we will bring together business, political and scientific decision makers along the entire value chain of the sector to present new technologies.  

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Report: Hydrogen Dialogue Latin America 2022

Webinar: Green Hydrogen Certification in Brazil – 01/26/2023

Webinar: O Hidrogênio Verde na Alemanha e as oportunidades para o Brasil – 20/10/2022

Webinar: The role of Brazilian Green Hydrogen in the new global energy geopolitics – 08/25/2022

Event: 1st Brazil-German Congress on Green Hydrogen

Event: 2nd Brazil-German Congress on Green Hydrogen

Power-2-You: Women in the Green Hydrogen Market

HD22 - Green Hydrogen as an Economic Opportunity for Partner Countries

HD22 - Security of Supply Through Diversification (EN)

HD22 - Innovations for the Global Hydrogen Economy (EN)

Eletrolise! Tecnologias para Produção de Hidrogênio Verde