Immersions in green hydrogen in Brazil and Germany

In order to provide direct knowledge of the main technologies, trends and initiatives in Green Hydrogen, with visits to research institutes and leading companies on the subject, the Brazil-Germany Chamber of São Paulo (AHK São Paulo), together with Marítimo, Hiria and Nürnbergmese guide , will promote two immersions in green hydrogen that complements the journey of events Hydrogen Dialogue Latam and Hydrogen dialogue nürnberg, respectively. 

Immersions in Brazil and Germany will be an opportunity for participants to experience real cases of technologies in production, application and logistics of green hydrogen, encouraging good practices in operations and strategies aimed at the area. Participants will be able to acquire direct knowledge of the main initiatives in Innovation in Green Hydrogen, with visits to innovation hubs, government agencies, research institutes and leading companies on the subject, as well as participating in Hydrogen Dialogue (Latam and/or Nürnberg). 

Establish new contacts, explore perspectives and get information about the latest developments in the Green Hydrogen Sector! 

Target Audience:

: Decision makers and business, politics and science, technology and innovation experts who seek to approach green hydrogen innovation ecosystems in Brazil and Germany.  

Immersion in green hydrogen in Brazil – 16 to 20/10 
Immersion in green hydrogen in Germany – 04 to 08/12
Select the immersion (s) you want to participate and register by the link:

Rational agendas

  • Briefings by actors from the green hydrogen ecosystem; 
  • Visit to companies, research institutes and hubs aligned with the theme of immersion 
  • Connection to potential partners through matchmaking on Hydrogen dialogue, lunch, happy hours and interactions during visits 

Structure of Agendas: 

5 days of immersion, being: 

  • 3 days of visits in different segments of the hydrogen value chain (production, logistics and application) and 
  • 2 days of participation in the event Hydrogen dialogue 

Why an immersion in Brazil? 

  • Latent interest represented by several private sector initiatives in the last 12 months;
  • Expectation of generating more than $ 600 billion of investments in the country in the coming years;
  • Projection of Brazilian Green Hydrogen is the second of the lowest cost worldwide;
  • High offer of the Brazilian market in renewable energy, with logistics route facilitated for Europe.

Why an immersion in Germany?

  • Increasing investments in German development funds in the energy transition from sustainable and low carbon hydrogen;
  • Strengthening of Brazil-Germany relationship on themes that converge with a greener and sustainable economy;
  • Agreement between Brazil and Germany that allocates R $ 21 million for projects in Green Hydrogen;
  • Germany's search for business partners that provide 70% of the green hydrogen needs demanded by the country.


Believing in the successful expansion of the hydrogen economy, we have created a permanent international forum for the discussion of issues related to the transition from fossil energy to renewable energy, where we will bring together business, political and scientific decision makers along the entire value chain of the sector to present new technologies.  

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